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Criminal Law

Missouri Expungements

In 2018 Missouri passed a new comprehensive expungement law, which is now codified at 610.140 RSMo. Under the new law approximately 1,900 offenses can now be expunged. A petition to expunge a misdemeanor may be filed three (3) years after completion of any sentence or probation period. A petition to expunge a felony may be filed seven (7) years after completion of any sentence or probation period.

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Missouri Orders of Protection and Ex Parte Orders

An order of protection seeks an order protecting an individual from physical abuse, physical threats, stalking or harassment. Additionally, the Court may grant orders affecting numerous other rights of parties. This includes child custody, child support, maintenance (alimony) and property possession. RSMO Section 455.045 Given the vast array of relief that may be granted by the Court, and the fast-moving nature of the proceedings, having an attorney assist with your order of protection can be beneficial to the outcome of your case.

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Missouri Administrative DWI License Suspensions

Under Missouri law, a criminal charge of DWI or excessive b.a.c. often also carries the potential for additional civil penalties, notably the suspension or revocation of the subjects driver license. At the time of arrest for an alcohol related driving offenses in which a blood alcohol result of .08% or higher is obtained, the arresting officer will seize the subject’s driver’s license, and issue a notice of suspension to the driver.

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Missouri Marijuana Possession Laws and Penalties

Contrary to popular belief, possession of marijuana has not been decriminalized in Columbia, Missouri or surrounding areas. Presently possession of marijuana, including synthetic marijuana such as “K2,” is a violation of Section 579.015 Revised Statutes of Missouri, and Columbia Ordinance Section 16-253.

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Missouri Automobile Injuries; Rear End Collision Doctrine

Missouri law provides special protections to persons injured by a rear end collision. Often a person injured by a rear end collision did not see the colliding vehicle until it had already struck his or her own vehicle’s rear end. Under general negligence law this could create difficulty in proving that the driver of the colliding vehicle was in-fact negligent or otherwise at fault.

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Missouri DWI Expungement

Under Missouri law certain offenses may be expunged following a period of good behavior without additional convictions. If all prerequisites are met it is currently possible to expunge a Missouri DWI including all records of criminal conviction, arrest records, and driving records.  The effect of such order shall be to restore such person to the status he or she occupied prior to such arrest, plea or conviction as if such event had never taken place.

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Guide to Minor in Possession in Missouri

Under Missouri law it is a misdemeanor for anyone under the age of twenty-one to purchase, attempt to purchase, or  have in his or her possession any intoxicating liquor;  to be visibly in an intoxicated condition; or to have a detectable blood alcohol content of more than two-hundredths of one percent.

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Abuse and Lose Driver License Consequences for Minors

Potential license suspensions or revocations depend on a number of factors. Factors range from the way the specific offense is charged to the probable cause for the stop. Even in cases of an offense included in the abuse and lose laws, a skilled attorney can often work to avoid the civil effects on your driver’s license and keep you on the road.

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