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Family law involves emotional family issues that can change the daily living situation of you and your loved ones'. At the beginning of your case you may feel uncertain, or even scared. Fortunately, as career-long family law attorneys, we enjoy nothing more than winning custody of a child, protecting a client’s assets, or otherwise restoring order to a family during troubling times. Our decades of success includes out of court settlements, contentious trials, and appellate court victories. Our attorneys work to ensure that you make the best decisions for you during your litigation.

Quick Solutions

We start by making sure our client is fully informed of the process and their options. We work to solve problems quickly. If a situation can be resolved without a court hearing, there is no need to delay or waste our client’s money. Jeff and Chris have established respectful relationships with family law attorneys throughout Mid-Missouri. We communicate your concerns to the other side and try to reach an agreement.


Contested Hearings

Opposing counsel and Judges also know that if our client needs action, our attorneys will not hesitate to go to Court. If we cannot reach an agreement, we will gather your evidence, prepare you for the hearing and present your case. We value our reputation in the judicial system. When we appear in Court, we want the Judge to know that you have a good reason for requesting a hearing. This helps ensure that your case is thoroughly considered by the Court.

Retaining our firm means that Chris or Jeff will handle your case from beginning to end, instead of delegating matters to a paralegal, legal secretary or inexperienced associate. Mr. Basinger and  Mr. Braddock are here to counsel and guide you through your case, regardless of your family law issue.

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" All situations are unique and deserve one-on-one attention. Call me or stop by for a free consultation to discuss your specific case. "

- Christopher Braddock, Attorney at Law

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Name Changes in Missouri

By Cline Braddock Basinger | December 13, 2019 |
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There are many reasons why a person may desire to change his or her name. Whether due to family circumstances or otherwise, name changes have been a common occurrence throughout history. Did you know that Paul Revere was originally known as Appollo Rivoire? President Gerald Ford started life as Leslie King. More recently, President Bill Clinton was originally known as William Jefferson Blythe IV.

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Missouri Equal Custody Law

By Cline Braddock Basinger | March 28, 2019 |
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A new custody law will take effect in Missouri on August 28, 2016, pursuant to HB 1550. The provisions have been reported to create a new presumption significantly favoring “equal” or “50/50” custodial time Judgments. For instance, a recent Missourian article states that the law is based on research showing that “shared parenting, or 50/50 custody” is best for children. The article further states that the law moves Missouri towards having equal custody as the norm, instead of the exception to the rule.

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Missouri Step Parent Adoptions

By Cline Braddock Basinger | March 28, 2019 |
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Under Missouri law an adoption of a minor child by a step-parent is a two (2) step proceeding. First, the rights of the child’s natural parent who the adoptive step parent will be replacing must have his or her parental rights terminated. Second, following the termination of parental rights the court must find that the adoption is in the best interest of the child, and enter a judgment of adoption.

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Missouri Orders of Protection and Ex Parte Orders

By Cline Braddock Basinger | March 28, 2019 |
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An order of protection seeks an order protecting an individual from physical abuse, physical threats, stalking or harassment. Additionally, the Court may grant orders affecting numerous other rights of parties. This includes child custody, child support, maintenance (alimony) and property possession. RSMO Section 455.045 Given the vast array of relief that may be granted by the Court, and the fast-moving nature of the proceedings, having an attorney assist with your order of protection can be beneficial to the outcome of your case.

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Missouri Spousal Maintenance and Alimony

By Cline Braddock Basinger | March 28, 2019 |
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One of the main ways that parties may continue to be financially linked for years after a divorce is through a court order for spousal maintenance, formally known as “alimony.” Having an attorney that can help you determine whether a maintenance order is likely, and how much the payments may be, is very important because of the long term monetary implications involved.

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