Moving Violations, Speeding, and Missouri License Consequences

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Missouri Driver License Point System

Under Missouri law the Missouri Director of Revenue must assess “points” on a Missouri driver’s license upon conviction for certain traffic related offenses. An accumulation of points can lead to license consequences such as a license suspension or license revocation.

Number of Points Number of Months Consequence
Four (4) Within Twelve (12) Months Written warning/notice
Eight (8) Within Eighteen (18) Months 30, 60, or 90 day suspension
Twelve (12) Within Twelve (12) Months Revocation (1 year)
Eighteen (18) Within Twenty-Four (24) Months Revocation (1 year)
Twenty-Four (24) Within Thirty-Six (36) Months Revocation (1 year)

Length of Suspension

Any revocation for accumulation of twelve (12), eighteen (18), or twenty-four (24) points is for one (1) year. A license suspension for eight (8) points can vary between thirty (30) days up to ninety (90) days. The length of suspension is determined by reference to the number of prior license point suspensions. The lengths are as follows:

  1. First Suspension – Thirty (30) days
  2. Second Suspension – Sixty (60) days
  3. Third (or subsequent) Suspension – Ninety (90) days

Reduction of Points for Safe Driving

Points assessed by the Missouri Director of Revenue are automatically reduced for periods of safe driving. In order to receive such point reduction the driver must avoid all moving violations for a set period of time. No additional filing or application is required by the driver. The periods of time and point reductions are as follows:

Length of Time Without Moving Violation Points Reduction
One (1) Year 1/3 of current points
Two (2) Years 1/2 of remaining points
Three (3) Years All remaining points

Limited Driving Privilege

Missouri law presently allows many persons whose licenses have been suspended to seek a limited (hardship) license in order to travel for school, work, medical treatment, substance abuse treatment, child care, and/or probation/parole meetings. Such license is issued during the relevant suspension or revocation and allows the driver to operate a motor vehicle for these limited purposes. In order to receive such limited (hardship) license an application must be filed with the Department of Revenue or with the proper Circuit Court.

Certain driver’s are excluded from eligibility for a limited (hardship) license. An experienced attorney can help you determine whether you qualify for such privilege. A non-exhaustive list of exclusions includes: conviction for felony involving a motor vehicle, conviction for a state law violation of leaving the scene of an accident, second revocation for refusing breathalyzer test, and certain alcohol/DWI offenses.

Only one (1) limited driving privilege may be issued to a driver in any five (5) year period.

Many alcohol offenses (DWI/BAC) also include additional restrictions or limitations on limited driving privileges.

Violation Point Assessments


Number of Points

State Municipal
Aggravated Endangering HWY Worker 12 12
Assault-Vehicular Injury Felony 12
Careless and Imprudent Driving 4 2
DWI First/DWI Second 8/12 8/12
Driving While Suspended or Revoked 12 12
Endangering Highway Worker 4
Excessive B.A.C. First/Excessive B.A.C. Second 8/12 8/12
Leaving the Scene of an Accident 12 6
Speeding 3 2
No Insurance 4 4
No Operators License 2 2
Stop Sign 2 1 or 2


Almost all other moving violation offenses not listed above include a two (2) point assessment on the person’s driver license.

Missouri Driver Improvement Program

Many moving violations can be dealt with by a skilled attorney by seeking a dismissal, or amendment to a non-moving violation. In some circumstances, however, such dismissal or amendment is not available, perhaps due to a large number of recent tickets or other aggravating factors.

In such situations the law provides for the possibility of court ordered driver improvement programs in lieu of assessment of points. Such driver improvement program must be court ordered. In the rare circumstance where a driver is ineligible for a dismissal or amendment the driver improvement program may be the difference between a license suspension or continued access to the road.

The program may be taken online from the convenience of the driver’s own home. The program may only be completed once in three (3) years, however, and as stated above must be approved by the judge in your case. The aid of an attorney may assist you in determine whether you qualify for such program, and making the proper request to the court and prosecutor.

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