Criminal Law

If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime it is critical that you have experienced counsel to provide a zealous defense. The attorneys at Cline, Braddock & Basinger have decades of courtroom experience successfully achieving client acquittals before juries as well as dismissal of charges.

First Steps

If you have been charged with a crime there are important steps that must be taken to protect your rights. It is vital not to make any statements to law enforcement or detectives without the presence of counsel by your side. This is critical, because even completely innocent statements may be misrepresented and used against you at a future trial.

At Cline, Braddock & Basinger we believe in securing our client’s release from custody as soon as possible. Not only does this allow you to better assist in the preparation of a vigorous defense, but ensures that our clients can return to work and family commitments. We have successfully won hundreds of bond reductions and releases on recognizance for our clients.


At Cline, Braddock & Basinger or first mission is to persuade the prosecutor against filing charges in the first place. Such deferred prosecution saves our clients time, money, embarrassment and the heartache of having a pending criminal charge.If it is not possible to persuade the prosecutor against filing charges, our office has had great success having cases dismissed without necessity of trial. At Cline, Braddock & Basinger, we are experienced and diligent in reviewing the written reports, videos, and scientific evidence in your case to uncover any unlawful actions by law enforcement or incomplete evidence which may invalidate the charges against you.

If a quick dismissal is not possible, Cline, Braddock & Basinger’s attorneys are skilled negotiators who are often able to negotiate reduced charges plea offers and avoidance of jail sentences. However, our attorneys will never coerce you to enter a plea. We are eager, ready and willing to take any case to trial on your behalf. We work for you, and you are the one who will decide whether any plea is acceptable.

At Cline, Braddock & Basinger our attorneys are comfortable and at home in a court room or before a jury. We will meet with you to prepare a compelling defense for trial, and will present your defense in a professional and persuasive manner. At Cline, Braddock & Basinger we pride ourselves on our high rate of success in contested criminal cases.


We handle many types of criminal charges. If you or a loved one have been charged with:

  • DWI charges
  • All alcohol-related offenses
  • Traffic tickets
  • Drug crimes
  • Felonies
  • Misdemeanors
  • Murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Assault
  • Burglary, robbery, stealing
  • Criminal sexual conduct
  • White-collar crime

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Contrary to popular belief, possession of marijuana has not been decriminalized in Columbia, Missouri or surrounding areas. Presently possession of marijuana, including synthetic marijuana such as “K2,” is a violation of Section 579.015 Revised Statutes of Missouri, and Columbia Ordinance Section 16-253.

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Under Missouri law the Missouri Director of Revenue must assess “points” on a Missouri driver’s license upon conviction for certain traffic related offenses. An accumulation of points can lead to license consequences such as a license suspension or license revocation.

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Under Missouri law certain offenses may be expunged following a period of good behavior without additional convictions. If all prerequisites are met it is currently possible to expunge a Missouri DWI including all records of criminal conviction, arrest records, and driving records.  The effect of such order shall be to restore such person to the status he or she occupied prior to such arrest, plea or conviction as if such event had never taken place.

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Under Missouri law it is a misdemeanor for anyone under the age of twenty-one to purchase, attempt to purchase, or  have in his or her possession any intoxicating liquor;  to be visibly in an intoxicated condition; or to have a detectable blood alcohol content of more than two-hundredths of one percent.

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Potential license suspensions or revocations depend on a number of factors. Factors range from the way the specific offense is charged to the probable cause for the stop. Even in cases of an offense included in the abuse and lose laws, a skilled attorney can often work to avoid the civil effects on your driver’s license and keep you on the road.

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